The World is Burning

A Noticeboard for the Town of Grimgate
Avera Angelira
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People of Grimgate, what manner of evil have you unleashed on the world. We warned you of your reckless use of magic and the dire consequences it would have on the fragile stability of El-Rah.

Methadrial nears becoming nothing but a barren wasteland of ash. In the last cycle we have seen the Holds of Herondale, Karthstwen, Brimstone, Northwatch, Mortonshire and your very own Grimgate burned to the ground.

I fear for what may come to pass if we were to lose any more towns to this plague of fire. These fires started in Grimgate and have spread further and further out with each passing moon. Something needs to be done less the world be engulfed in flames.

You still protect Lodovicus despite knowing he has stolen the weapon of a god and is logically the only one with the power to decimate hold after hold.

We are once again questioning your reckless disregard of magic and your continued defiance in conforming with our ruling to ban such practices within your town.

We hereby appoint Garbriel Varrik as overseer of Grimgate alone, as it is clear the people of Grimgate need a much harsher eye on their backs and hand on their throats. Gabriel will not hesitate to do what needs to be done.
Avera Alvani Angelira
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