A WARNING TO ALL: Recount of the Destruction of Myrium

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23rd day of the 6th Moon of the 900th Cycle
Everglade – Transcribed by Elaric Ventenberg in the High Court

Recount of the Destruction of Myrium and the fractured timeline caused by the reckless use of magic.

As told by the Fae of the Sun and the Moon, Guardians of the realm of Myrium:

In the time of Demons and Dragons at the turning of the age, King Keldahrin and Queen Amira of The Nocturnal Isles gave birth to their first and only child, Lodovicus Tzamarias. The only heir to their throne, Lodovicus held a great weight on his shoulders to grow big and strong and to take charge of the empire that had been built. But his destiny took him elsewhere.

Twenty five cylces later a wound in time itself was ripped open as the Elfen witch Kera sought to prove herself by having Lodovicus with the aid of several others conduct a ritual that would allow the essence of the past to flow forward into the future and restore the memories of one James Blackadder. The ritual itself was thwart with inaccuracies and substitutions, allowing several shards of time to rupture converging on one point. Several points in Myriums Timeline and potential timelines converged allowing a darkned and bitter version of Lodovicus to come into being. This version was able to alter the ritual allowing himself to remain while trapping the Lodovicus from this point in his own future.

The details of this future are not well known to us as it never eventuated as the cataclysm that brought it into existence was averted, but from the recounts that we have heard it was one where Lodovicus lead an army of Demons from the Gates of Tartarus to battle against those he once called friend.

This dark Lodovicus was able to manipulate and control the people around him, far more adept and powerful that the Lodovicus they had experienced previously, eventually he was discovered and while the extent of his plans were not known to anyone we know that they were averted and a second ritual took place allowing the true Lodoviucs to return, but his time in this future had changed him and not for the better. The distain and hatred those he believed were his friends now held for him caused some of the darkness and anger a Draken is known for to emerge. Lodovicus was much more indifferent to the suffering of people now than he had ever been.

Though the timeline was restored when the alternate version of himself was returned to where he belonged the damage had already been done and the very fabric of reality was beginning to break apart in splinters from this wound that had been open and festering for far too long. In a last ditch attempt to return the world to the way it was meant to be, Lodovicus arranged a group of the most powerful mages he knew to come together to help turn back the clock and eradicate the timeline he had created with that first ritual.

With some degree of success they were able to destroy this timeline and revert Myrium back to a time before Lodovicus had cast that time ritual and those who had lived through it were cast into the void between realms.

We had a brief encounter with Lodovicus and some of the survivors of this ruptured timeline in the realm of El-Rah when we were accidentally summoned there. However the fabric of El-Rah was cut from a different cloth that that of Myrium and Lodovicus and several of his friends were changed to suit the laws of this new land in which they lived. Lodovicus lost his horns and sprouted a pair of wings Large and powerful but before they could spread the first time, the could of his demonic ancestry reached forth and tainted him, darkening the new found light within him. Turning him into the second Dark Fae. We warned Queen Mab of the danger Lodovicus posed if allowed to remain free and suggested he be tossed to the Dark realm as is still customary for Dark Fae, but she did not believe that it was yet deserved.

Mab believed that Lodovicus was the first true Dark Fae and believed that he did not have in him the inherent need to cause destruction. However Mab was proven wrong when in the Cycle of Storms on the Day Auros Creed was named the Sword of Mosath Lodovicus took a step into the darkness further than any had ever done before.

Lodoviucs defied the rules of El-Rah by breaking the commandment that Dark Fae were not permitted to enter the realm, and at a moment of weakness after Fathkah had just brought back a soul from the void he attacked him and locked him away in a location unknown to anyone and stole his staff. From this point on Lodovicus was believed to be untouchable. He had stolen the power of a God.

Queen Mab disavowed him and banned him from ever returning to the Everglade warding its portal against him. She sealed off the realm of the Fae to all other lands to prevent Lodovicus from accessing power from the other realms as well in attempt to weaken him.

We give this testimony in hope that it will shed light into how these events transpired in hope that perhaps someone will be able to reach the part of Lodovicus that was once good and just. In hopes that they can return him to the way he was. In hope that they can restore Fathkah to his throne in the tower without a war between the gods. But we fear time is of the essence for each day Fathkah is separated from his staff he grows weaker and Lodovicus grows stronger.

May the light of certitude guide you towards a much-needed victory in resolving the conflict that exists within Lodovicus.

It is said that a prophecy exists predicting the fall of the Father of the Gods, but as the Fae Court is banned from interfering with the affairs of El-Rah we have not been permitted leave from the Everglade to find it.

The above is as recounted by the Fae of the Sun and The Moon Guardians of Myrium.
Transcribed by Elaric Ventenberg in the High Fae Court of the Everglade hereunder signed by her majesty Queen Mab of the Summer Court and King Oberon of the Winter Court as an accurate transcription and recount of events of the past.

Queen Mab of the Summer Court King Oberon of the Winter Court