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Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 10:25 pm
by Gabriel Varrick

To all that call Pointbreak home.

The people of Grimsgate send this urgent warning in hope you may heed it and return words of your own confirming your safety.

This will be brief as time is of the essence. Even now as I write this; we continue to be on guard and wary of the danger around us.
It is uncertain exactly who is responsible; although we have suspicions, and whether it can be overcome.

What we know is this: an eerie voice surrounded us in the dark: menacing and powerful. Our fires flared and went out and only one name was clear above the whisperings: "The Queen of Embers."
Whether a name or self-proclaimed title is still unclear. The last thing we heard was fires raging and burning.

Knowing how close you are and given the suspicious circumstances; we send this letter in hope that you have not suffered the same fate as other unfortunate towns.

If you have any further information that may assist us or if you need our help, send word quickly and someone will come for you.

May the Gods watch over your town and keep you safe.
Gabriel Varrick