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A Captain of the Guard

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 9:26 pm
by Hamish Penglington
It is by order of King Methadon, that the people of Grimgate nominate a captain of the guard.

We have received several reports from scouts and eyewitnesses that there are a number of bandits on the loose within the Grimgate Hold. The king has authorised me to pay the ongoing sum of 2 gold per moon to said captain if there is a noticeable decline in bandit activity and we receive regular reports of training and sparring to improve the security of the Grimgate Hold

These bandit attacks represent an ongoing issue of importance to the Kingdom of Methadrial, they threaten our very security and endanger the lives of the citizens the crown is sworn to protect.

Please send a raven to Sokraz keeper of records at the Keep of Methadrial post haste with the name of your appointed captain.