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Ivy Murinae
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Evening fine friends and patrons of the beautiful outdoor tavern at Grimgate.

Last evens, we met, we voted, and decided on a name for the tavern.

Before the even commenced, Heather Jooseberry, my trusted barmaid and close friend, submitted her name to me through local pigeon; "The Beetle and the Bard".

The options for voting were:
1. The Glamorous Camel
2. The Beetle and the Bard
3. The Beer and the Belly

Each patron on the night voted with Ivy, 9 votes in total.

The results were as follows:
1. The Glamorous Camel - 2 votes
2. The Beetle and the Bard - 4 votes
3. The Beer and the Belly - 3 votes

Therefore, the name of our tavern will be "The Beetle and the Bard"

Thank you to all who came along to vote - your participation in the naming of the tavern is appreciated.

On next evens, which lay on the 29th day of the eight month, we will be served by a visiting chef, and we will eat spit roasted meat!

Please bring along $5 to assist in the costs for this event.

Additionally, if you can bring along some vegetables to roast, this would be appreciated.

Likewise, bring your own cutlery for the serving of said dish.

See you all soon, at The Beetle and the Bard.

Love, Ivy Murinae
Tavern owner and lead barmaid