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Heather Jooseberry
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Hey Friends (and potential foes!)

Has anyone ever wondered about Auros? Why doesn't he speak much? What's going on in the brain of his? What happened to him before, and why oh why does he speak so quietly inside such a noisy tavern?! and does anyone know if he is just called Auros? or does he have a last name to?

I would love to hear from you dear Auros. Maybe you could explain to the town about your history again? Rook, Oliver, and that crazy bard (whats his name again?) and that guy who took out the man who tried to kill/ ivy-napp Ivy, would all like to hear that beautiful voice of yours.

Also, what is the connection between you and Lodovicius? you always appear together! Are you his body guard?

Oh and by the way - my offer stands ;)

Heather Jooseberry,
Tavern Barmaid.
Ivy Murinae
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Please note, you MUST keep your love for Auros separate to the community noticeboard. This is irrelevant and inappropriate for a professional tavern. You must hold these conversations with Auros yourself! Consider this your first warning.

IF Auros felt so inclined, I the owner and lead barmaid of the tavern, would appreciate a response to said questions.

Additionally, Auros would you be inclined to introducing archery into the town guard? WAIT - do we have a town guard?! If archery were introduced, I would like to offer up my future services to this position.

Yours in companionship
Ivy Murinae