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A Noticeboard for the Town of Grimgate
Ivy Murinae
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Evening fine gentle ladies and fine men

With the recent acquisition of the tavern in Grimgate, it has come to the attention of the deed-holder of said keep that this tavern requires a name fitting to the setting within which it sits.

I am proposing, that to name the tavern should be a group effort, not merely the responsibility of one patron.

Therefore, I propose that before sun-down on Friday 14th day of the eighth month, each patron who feels that they would like to participate in said naming should submit ONE name to this notice.

At next we meet on the 15th of the eighth month, we, as a whole, shall vote by private ballot, which name we believe befits that of the tavern.

I insist that all patrons to my tavern submit one name; however I believe the town would be more inclined towards a name that is both fitting, and filled with subtext.

I look forward to reading the put-forth suggestions, and hope for a peaceful and straightforward voting.

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Lodovicus Tzamarias
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I think something along the lines of "The Glamorous Camel".
Perhaps it will bring some laughter and joy back to our community.
Lodovicus Tzamarias
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Wolfram Ironside
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I would like to suggest "The Beer and Belly" as it sounds like an actual pub or tavern name and is humorous. Bring the tavern back to its lower class roots.