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A Tavern For The Town

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 8:09 pm
by Athane Felanur
I am a relatively newcomer to the town, called here by my faith and by the Demon Gate that resides here.

This town is a wreck, religiously, literally, economically, and socially.

To unite us in these trying times I would like to suggest as a community we attempt to start, or rekindle, a tavern or inn within the town. Generally a place to keep Ravens for messages, a place to stay warm and comfortable and engage with the community, a place to maybe eat a little and drink and spend some coin, maybe play games and generally bring some life to this small dead town.

I would love to hear what you all believe would be important for this tavern.

Personally I believe it needs a few drinks, at least a choice of two - perhaps a mead and wine - and maybe some basic foods such as bread - damper cooked over the fire or something prepared beforehand when time allows - and maybe even some more complex meals such as soup for larger events. This could be extended but as a base of supplies easy to provide and organise in town these would be a good start.

A couple places to sit and a bar or at least a table are the necessities to set this up, decoration wise perhaps some cloth hanging between some trees and above the area, perhaps red or blue? Suggestions welcome.